With fast step development of electronic industry in 21 centuries, more and more manufacturer has raised up. To make sure the products they made will adapting all kind of power network, using in all countries, they may use frequency converter to simulate different countries’ power network, also, to find available power condition.

For example, appliance industry, most of them will purchase they are own single phase frequency converter to test products or feasibility of new design. Well, machines need to be used, like humans, running keep us in good shape. However, no manufacturer could keep producing in the whole year, there are busy season and slack season in household appliance industry. If they don’t maintain or preserve in a good way, machines may cause some problem when using them in busy season, probably will slow the producing process.

How to keep single phase frequency converter maintain and preserve in a good way, here is some tips from our engineer:

  1. Frequency converter should install or put it to a place with rain drop and snow, keep around dry and clean.
  2. Regular check insulation materials. If machines need to cover with insulation materials or steam heating to keep storage condition, daily checking material if broken or steam pipe if block will be necessary.
  3. Install a steam leaking alarm device or power off alarm device with sound and noise warning, to note the problem and fixed it in the first time.

Some parts of frequency converter need to be replaced when they aging, most problems cause by aging parts. Replace it! Keep machines in good shape.

  1. Cooling fan. It keeps power core cooling and continuously working. Most fan works 10000H to 40000H, about 2 or 3 years. There are three lines, positive, negative and detect line, pay attention with it and don’t make mistake.
  2. Filter capacitor. It makes DC power smooth, absorb low-frequency harmonics. It will dry out due to the heat of power core. Normally could be used for 5 years, but we suggest one check per year, it should be replaced when solution less than 20%