Project Description

FC1115KVA frequency regulator, manufactured by using microcomputer chip, high-power component, provides a stable pure sine wave, and the over voltage, over current, over temperature, overload protection. 0-300V output voltage adjustable, continuous variable frequency 45-70Hz, fixed frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz, 200 Hz and 400 Hz. It can simulate in different electrical power status, provides a stable voltage, frequency, waveform to meet the safety and aging test for export products, for laboratory, measuring room for using to do all kinds of precision test.


Capacity: 15KVA

Modulation mode: IGBT/PWM

Input voltage: Single phrase 220V±10% 50Hz±5Hz

Waveform: Pure Sine Wave


Output voltage: Low: 0-150V High: 0-300V

Output current limit: Low: 125A; High: 62.5A

Output frequency: 45-70Hz (Continuously adjustable);

50/60/100/200/400Hz (Fixed)

Voltage stability: ≤ 1%

Load stability: ≤ 0.5%

Frequency stability: ≤ 0.01%

Waveform distortion: ≤ 3% @ pure resistance under the load test

Overall efficiency: ≥ 94% @ under full load test

Response time: ≤ 2ms


Display: 4 digital LED for the voltage, current, power, frequency

Cooling way: Forced cooling

Protection function: OVP, OCP, OVP, OTP and warning device


Insulation resistance: DC ≥ 500V 10mΩ

Withstand voltage: AC 1800V 5mA/Minute

Working condition: Temperature -10℃-40℃; Humidity < 90%

Dimension: 640*420*920mm

Weight: 140Kg


Model No. Spec. Description
FC1105KVA L:4.2A H:2.1A 500VA single phase frequency conversion power supply for laboratory
FC111KVA L:8.4A H:4.2A 1000VA single phase frequency converter for education
FC112KVA L:16.8A H:8.4A 2000VA single phase power frequency converter for industry
FC113KVA L:25A H:12.5A 3000VA single phase frequency inverter for business
FC115KVA L:41.6A H:20.8A 5000VA single phase frequency changer for product testing
FC118KVA L:63A H:31.5A 8000VA single phase voltage and frequency converter for lab
FC1110KVA L:83.2A H:41.6A 10KVA single phase frequency transformer for LED aging
FC1115KVA L:125A H:62.5A

15KVA single phase frequency regulator for electrical power simulation

FC1120KVA L:166.4A H:83.2A 20KVA single phase electronic frequency converter for testing
FC1130KVA L:250A H:125A 30KVA single phase frequency variator for manufacturing
FC1145KVA L:375A H:188A 45KVA single phase IGBT/PWM frequency converter for product aging


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