Project Description

SPD500-200-T-PWM uses IGBT technology and amorphous core as the core device which combined with “Soft-Switching,” provides superior performance and a high level of user control through the front panel and remote interfaces. It can simulate the battery on the electric vehicle to test input power, touch current, overload capability, hipot voltage for the motor controller, and test the performance of efficacy, stall current, maximum speed, over speed, and feed current of the electric motor. Also, it could protect the electric motor and the controller by absorbing back electromotive force during over speed testing.



The output voltage and current value are pre-set, zero to certain value could be continuously adjusted. It has constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) mode automatic switching, indicate the working mode via LED light.

  • High accurate and low ripple

Using the peak current controlled to ensure high accurate of the output voltage and current, excellent regulation rate. Equipped multi-stage filter for low ripple output.

  • Full digital control

Full digital control, programmable output voltage and current. Full digital calibration, stable and reliable.

  • Remote testing control

Built-in RS485 and RS232 interface, MODBUS protocol supported. Multi-machine communication available, remote monitor the parameters and status of the power supply.

  • Discharge control system

Absorbing back electromotive force (BEMF) instantly during over speed testing. Automatic discharge when voltage feedback is 5V-10V higher than the output voltage. Discharge power could be customized. Energy consuming time is 30s (count from brake to stop), voltage dropping time is 10s.

  • Discharge circuit independent

Discharge circuit maintains working when IGBT main circuit cut off the power. Control discharge circuit from the front panel.



  1. Power Supply
Model SPD500-200-T-PWM
System Solution High-frequency convert technology base on ZVZCS + Resistance discharge
Power supply modular design, composed of four 500V50A power supply module.
Capacity 100KW
Input Input Voltage Three phase 380V±15%
Frequency 47-63HZ

Single Module output

Output Characteristics CV & CC
Max. Output 500V
Voltage Setting Method Digital input or manual turning
Output Voltage Range 0-500V adjustable
Soft Start Function 2-5s
Rated Output Current 50A
Output Current Range 0-50A adjustable
Voltage Stability Source voltage effect (Variation ±10%): ≤0.5% rating value
Time-drift (over 8 hours continuously working): ≤0.5% rating value
Temperature-drift: ≤0.5% rating value/℃
Load effect (0 adjust to rating value): ≤1% rating value
Ripple Full load effective ripple: < 0.5% rating value +10mV
Full load ripple peak: < 5%
Efficiency >90% @ 100% load
Display LED Voltage Meter 4 digit LED display Accuracy: ±0.5%rdg+2digit Resolution: 0.1V
LED Current Meter 4 digit LED display Accuracy: ±0.5%rdg+2digit Resolution: 0.1A
Status Indication Working, standby, over voltage, over current, over heat, lack phase, short circuit status indication
Protection Lack Phase Protection Lack-phase protecting and warning
Over Voltage Protection Input voltage higher than 445±5 V, stop working and warning
Under Voltage Protection Input voltage lower than 323±5 V, stop working and warning
Output OVP Output voltage 5V higher than setting (Customizable), protect object and warning
Output OCP Output current higher than 200A (Customizable), limit current
Over Heat Protection >85℃ protect object and warning
Emergency Stop External emergency stop button
Alarm function Sound-light Alarm Warning display and noise alarm
Dry Contact Emergency stop with alarm and node signal output
Insulation Dielectric Strength Input against case: AC2500V/1min., leak current 10mA
Input against output: AC3000V/1min., leak current 10mA
Output against case: AC3000V/1 min., leak current 10mA
Insulation Resistance Input against case: DC1000V, >20MΩ
Input against output: DC1000V, >20MΩ
Output against case: DC1000V, >20MΩ
Working Condition Storage Temperature -20℃ to +50℃
Working Temperature -10℃ to +40℃
Relative Humidity ≤95% (no condensation)
Ingress Protection IP20
Atmospheric Pressure 80-106KPWM (2000m b.s.l.)
Noise < 65 dB at 1 meter
Cooling Device Forced air cooling
Working Time Enable long-term full loading continuous working
Computer Remote Control Provide RS485 and RS232 interface to remote and monitor power supply, setting output voltage, current, and protection
Three-proof Meet national standard
Impact resistance, Anti-vibration Meet national standard


  1. Resistive automatic discharge technical indicators
Discharge Voltage Feedback voltage 5V-10V higher than output voltage or pre-set discharge voltage (0-800V)
Control Method IGBT and PWM
Discharge Power 30KW (60KW shorter time)
Energy Consuming 30s (count from brakes to stop) voltage dropping time: 10s
Feature Discharge circuit independent control, circuit maintain working when the IGBT main circuit cut off the power. Control discharge circuit from the front panel.